The 1326 Betting System

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The whole premise of the 1326 is that you milk off any profits along the way.
If your 4th bet is a winner, there would be £60 on the table, all of which is profit. Add this to the £20 you bleeded off, and you have £80.

If you are still up for more, head back to the start of the progression and begin again at a fiver. If you lose at any stage, you also head back to the beginning and start afresh.

What happens if you aren´t getting the luck of the draw? Well, the other idea behind the 1326 is to try and limit your risk.

  • If you lose at first hurdle, you are down £5 of course.
  • Lose a the second and you are in the hole to the tune of £10 (£15 minus your £5 win). At the third level, you walk away with a profit if you lose (of a tenner) since you locked some profits in.
  • And if you come a cropper at the very last hurdle, you are Even Stevens.

So thinking about the entire run, your total risk on any one 1326 "race" is £10, and your upside is £60.

Sounds great doesn´t it!
Well, we do have a soft spot for this system given that it is a sensible money management progression, and it makes good sense to bank profits along the way. But just remember, it is still all going to come down to how many 1326 sessions you win and lose. If you win more then you lose you´ll be up, and if you lose more than you win you´ll be down. You are not altering the odds of the game in your favour (no system can do that). But you are managing your bets sensibly.

Rememember to set your stop loss and profit target before the session and stick to it like glue.