Play Video Poker online

If you are fan of online poker, then video poker is sure to be high on your list of preferred online casino games.

Online Video Poker has enjoyed a massive boom alongside the growth in online casinos, offering a faster poker experience with bigger jackpots and the opportunity to play as many as 100 hands simultaneously.

Despite what many novice players assume, video poker isn’t a game of traditional poker, such as Texas Hold’em or Omaha, which is played against a computer rather than another player. Video poker is a different game entirely, although it does use many of the rules and conventions from traditional forms of poker.

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The aim of video poker is to come away from each round with a hand that pays out according to the pay table, which is effectively a “tariff” detailing how much particular hands are worth. These are based on the poker ranking of your hand, such as (Aces high, 3 of a kind, full house etc) and each video poker game will have its own schedule.
Video poker was developed on the basis of television game shows in the 1970s and if you have even a basic understanding of poker, it´s an easy game to pick up.

You are dealt 5 cards in the first round and, once all of the cards have been dealt, you may throw away up to 4 cards and replace them with new ones from the shoe. Every time you receive new cards, a new round of betting begins. The aim is to build up as strong a hand as possible over two rounds. The better the hand, the more that you’ll win.

Betting limits can be as low as 25p and you can normally play in "Beginner Mode" (where the best cards are held automatically for you) or in "expert mode" where you make the decisions. Many casinos online also offer what is known as “AM” or "Analyze Mode", which lets you analyse the probabilities of you landing certain poker hand combinations in the second round.